MixLiving's Home Decor Blog N More

MixLiving's Home Decor Blog N More

Hey guys & girls! Welcome to our first blog post. We are excited to be finally bringing you something to enjoy and read in-between shopping and looking at the wonderful products that we have to offer! As this is our first blog post, it will be short, sweet and straight to the point! 

We are in the middle of summer, the sun is out (most of the time). If you are in the UK, it still rains quite a bit. However, this does not stop us from making the most of it when the sun is out, am i right? As restrictions and lockdowns have started to ease up and we have got the green light for the 19th of July (hope it stays that way), we will be welcoming family and friends around again for fun BBQs, drinks and some music! In saying that, has there been a better time to give your home that spruce up that it deserves? you have been talking about it all over lockdown, right? or was that just me? 

Well, if you do decide to get to work and give your home or garden some TLC, you are in the correct place! we offer a range of products for every room in your home (and outside). You deserve to update your space, transform your favourite area and receive compliments when you do have them Family get togethers! After all it has been a tough year (and a half at this point) and why would you not? thats a good enough reason for me anyways, treat yourself!

We are constantly working on adding new products, so keep an eye! And we are always open to suggestions and feedback. After all, our customers are our top priority and through our products we work hard towards building long-lasting and meaningful relations with you.