Turn Your House Into a Dream Home with Mix Living

Turn Your House Into a Dream Home with Mix Living

Your home is the place that represents you. The décor of the place tells a lot about you and the affection you have with the place. A well decorated home reflects the love of the people staying in. Slight little changes and design ideas are what turns a house into a home. Anyone can build or buy a house but its takes effort to convert it into a home.

When it comes to design ideas, the internet is full of pages and blogs giving away design ideas for every nook and corner of the house. But the real problem is the products and items required to achieve that look. Home décor is not easy and selecting home décor products is even tougher. It is like a science experiment, one wrong purchase and it can ruin the whole look of your interior. So, one has to be really careful and thoughtful while making the purchase for the indoor décor.

Now, the question arises where to buy home décor products that will go along really well with any kind of home décor design? And the answer to your question is Mix Living. At Mix Living we make sure that you get what you are looking for. Quality and customer satisfaction are our priorities. Our products are made of high quality material making them worthwhile. Our products are made keeping in mind the design ideas and that is the reason our products fit in perfectly with any type of home design.

We have just introduced our new range of products that we are sure you guys are going to love. Few of them are listed below.


Vases are the most loved home décor product and rightly so. They can turn any dull looking corner pleasing and eye-catching.  We have introduced a variety of new vases to our store. These vases are of different materials like ceramic, hard plastic, and iron.

The images above show some of our newly introduced vases. Our vases can be used to store real and artificial flowers. Our vases can be used for any room of your house or your offices. To browse more vases and to order for yourself you can visit our website.


Furniture is the integral part of any home décor. A house cannot be termed a home if it lacks quality furniture. Selecting a furniture is task that requires a lot of input. It is not something that you can replace every once in a while. So, it is very important to choose the furniture that will not only last longer but stay in style as well. Keeping all the factors in mind Mix Living has introduced its new range of furniture perfect for every home. Our furniture is made of high quality material for durability and comfort. The unique feature about our furniture is that it blends in perfectly with any sort of interior décor that you wish to have.

From study table to dining chairs, mini sofas, and dressing chairs we have it all in our store for you. Browse through our furniture section to select the best furniture for your home. Visit our website today.

Wall hangings and Painting

Walls can play their vital role in your home décor but it is seen that they are mostly neglected. Empty walls do not reflect the true picture of your home. Moreover, empty walls can have a negative impact on your overall décor. Wall paintings and hangings refresh the look of your house. At Mix Living we do not neglect any corner of your house. We truly want your house turn into your dream home. And for that we have a lot of paintings for you in our store. These painting are hand-drawn or woven on the canvas. Our range of collection include both abstract and modern designs. Not only that we have a huge collection of wall hangings as well that will magnify the beauty of indoors.

Artificial Plants

Growing real plants indoor can be a hassle as they require a lot of care and perfect conditions to survive. So is there any alternative to having plants indoor? The answer is yes. At Mix Living we have introduced for you a wide variety of artificial plants including flowers, leaves, and palm trees. All you have to do is order one for yourself from our website and either use them in the vases or indoor pots. No need to worry about watering and soil change. Install once and they will be their forever until you plan to replace them with other plants.

Turning a house into a home is a dream for all. Home is something that is built once and there should be every effort put to decorate it in the best possible way.

Mix Living has made it easier for you by providing you everything you need under one roof. We have everything you ever wished for to have it in your home at the most affordable prices you could ever imagine. So, stop thinking and visit our website today, and start shopping for your house.